Kundu Syndicate Pvt Ltd

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This company was form by Lt. Ajit Kumar Kundu in the year of 1963. At that time he was only 16 years of age. No one In today's time can even think of having such courage that in such small age one can start a business. He has founded couple of more business and fortunately this business was a real hit in entire market within 5 years of time. Within 5 year this became No.1 brand of entire West Bengal. He has devoted his entire life in making and nourishing this brand with honestly handwork and quality products. He passed way in the year of 2017 and handed his flagship to his son Mr. Manash Kumar Kundu who was already a part of this organisation since 1995 and was well aware of his fathers mission, vision, principals of work and ethics and has very well taken over all responsibilities. with 55 years of glory and success Bapi Ganjee which is a brand of Kundu Syndicate Pvt Ltd will soon be a Limited company. In upcoming 10 years or so Bapi Ganjee will be spared all over eastern India with same honesty handwork and quality products.

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